Week 13

I was walking by a lake. It looked a lot higher then it did yesterday. That  night I was watching the news. They Said something that made me stop  eating my pb and j. They said that the POLAR ICE CAPS WERE MELTING! That was bad news. So that also explains why the lake was […]

Week 10

As I was walking through the streets of japan I saw something that made me stop in my tracts. It was a huge factory. It had bad written all over it. They were burning fossil fuels. It was polluting the earth. I went to talk to the manger of that factory. When I went in […]

Week 9

As I was walking though the industry I saw something odd. It was like red jello it looked really cool the scientist said that if the jello escaped we would have to evacuate. but that will never happen because it was in his cage. Then the scientist got an urgent call one of the other […]

Week 8

I was sitting in my apartment. Then all of a sudden the land lord barged in. It scared me halve to death. The land lord said “what did I tell you  about the lights.” You got to stop leaving them on at night you are wasting fossil fuels. I am so sorry sir. I am […]

Week 7

As I was walking through the forest just having an ordinary day. I herd a bIt boom. The trees had just caught on fire. It was just so random. I had together on to the ground so I didn’t suffocate. I saw fire  fighters coming my way. They were trying so hard to put out […]

Week 6

This is Bob the scientist. And I am here to say that the world is going threw an overwhelming time. Right now I am in Colorado were the grass is really green. Never mind that. Back to the story. Right now the world is getting really hot. Oh look there is a deer that is […]

Week 5

As I was walking though the streets of London I saw something crazy. It was a giant pair of glasses. It was awesome there was a little man on a later. It looked like he was cleaning the glasses. the man looked like a little speak from were I was. The man was so hi […]

Week 3

     I am going to tell you a really weird story about the new museum. It is on the corner of hen street. They built the museum a few months ago. So it is pretty new. I went to it when it was just built. And I saw some really cool stuff. They had […]

Week 2

As I was looking at the calendar I was thinking maybe I could go to Colorado. At this time of year it is really snowy and white. The snow in Colorado is like a minuscule it is really tiny. You would need a microscope to see it. But I remembered my snow suit is washing. […]