Week 30

Me and my dad were walk on a our hill when we say a weird looking thingy mabob. It looked liked an old iron. Me and my dad went to get a closer look. When we got there we say what it actually was an old iron! Me and my dad picked it up and […]

Week #29

I was walking on the concrete patio when I saw a worm. It was pink. When I bent down to take a look. He looked hungry. So I started to jump up. Thats when I caught him revolving back. He was probably scared. So he was going home. Speaking of home I need to get […]

Week 28

It was an ordinary day at school when the announcement came over the loud speaker. They said an earth quake was coming this way. That’s when the building shook and then the loud speaker cut out. We all got under our desks and prayed no one got hurt. When it was all over we all […]

Week 27

I was walking through the park when I saw the weirdest thing in the world. It looked like tiny men on a leaf. They were moving  around and building what looked like a tiny sky scraper. It looked awesome. They were so close to being done when I saw more tiny men moving around. It […]

Week 25

Me and my brother were playing baseball out side. I was throwing and he was batting. When I threw the ball he missed it and it hit the window and shattered it. My mom came out to investigate. When she came out she looked mad. She said why are you playing ball I told you […]

Week 24

As I was walking though the amazon I say this really strange thing hanging on a tree. It looked like it was a monkey but I couldn’t tell. so then I went to get a closer look. When I saw what it was I started to run. The thing on the tree wasn’t a monkey […]

Week 23

I was walking on the beach when I saw a octopus. I was springing with Joy. Then I saw the octopuses mother she was really white. Then my mom said we needed to go get something to eat. When we got to the restaurant I saw this guy on the piano. He was playing my […]

Week 19

     Me and my brother were watching our favorite show. The show is called survivor. It is about these people who get shipped to an island to complete in a contest. Me and my brother wanted this girl named Karan to win. When the announcer said who won he said and  the winner is […]

Week 18

I was walking out side and i say something on the ground. When I walked over to it I saw that it was a key. The key looked like it was from the mid evil times. It was an awesome looking key. So I took it to my buddy. He lives in the Colorado Springs. […]

Week 17

It was the first day of fall and I was waiting for my taxi. When the taxi came I say that it was more yellow then some of the Other ones I had ridden in. I was really exited for the trip ahead of me. When we arrived at the destination I saw a really […]