Week 7

As I was walking through the forest just having an ordinary day. I herd a bIt boom. The trees had just caught on fire. It was just so random. I had together on to the ground so I didn’t suffocate. I saw fire  fighters coming my way. They were trying so hard to put out […]

Week 6

This is Bob the scientist. And I am here to say that the world is going threw an overwhelming time. Right now I am in Colorado were the grass is really green. Never mind that. Back to the story. Right now the world is getting really hot. Oh look there is a deer that is […]

Week 5

As I was walking though the streets of London I saw something crazy. It was a giant pair of glasses. It was awesome there was a little man on a later. It looked like he was cleaning the glasses. the man looked like a little speak from were I was. The man was so hi […]

Week 3

     I am going to tell you a really weird story about the new museum. It is on the corner of hen street. They built the museum a few months ago. So it is pretty new. I went to it when it was just built. And I saw some really cool stuff. They had […]

Week 2

As I was looking at the calendar I was thinking maybe I could go to Colorado. At this time of year it is really snowy and white. The snow in Colorado is like a minuscule it is really tiny. You would need a microscope to see it. But I remembered my snow suit is washing. […]